Thursday, December 08, 2011

Reindeer Food

Hi all!

I thought I'd share one of our family's holiday traditions with you.  Each Christmas Eve we sprinkle 'Reindeer Food" to help guide the reindeer (and thus Santa) to our home.  The food sparkles and glistens when the street lights and holiday lights shine onto it.

To make the food, combine raw oats and glitter (if you are concerned about the glitter being ingested by animals in your neighbourhood you can always substitute red or green sugar sprinkles).   I also add a bit of table salt... it's sparkly too and melts the ice / snow when we sprinkle it on the drive way.  We do not want Santa to slip!  Make enough to fill the jar or baggie of your choice.   It's easy and cheap enough to make one for each of your children.  Once your jars are full (this is a great way to recycle a small jar) you can decorate the outside.

 My little guy, Timmy, and I made one for him and one for his cousin, Jake.

We wrapped the jars with a strip of reindeer paper by Teresa Collins ( I am getting a lot of mileage from one 6 X 6 pad, if you've been following along ;) ).  Then using the Cricut, we cut out little tags and reindeer and layered them with some more patterned paper.  These little reindeer really needed big bling noses and googly eyes, right?

We added a little more patterned paper to the tops of the jars and then some glittery red Thickers to personalize the jars with the boys' initial.

Cute, right?

These are a fun and easy craft to  make with your kiddies during December, which is a memory in and of itself.  But you have the added bonus of using it on the eve of the 24th to create another memory.  Don't forget to take your cameras out with you!

Save the jars for next year and you'll just have to add more Reindeer Food, The kids will get a big kick out of pulling 'their' jars out of the holiday decorations year after year.

Thanks for stopping into see what I am up to!


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  1. OOHHH SOOO CUTE!!! Yah I'm sure my kiddos will just LOVE making these. And you made the jars look soo cool too :)


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