Sunday, December 18, 2011

A winner (or two)

Hello all!

Boy are we ever getting close to the big day, my little guy is getting more excited with each turn of the countdown calendar!  We are now a week away, and things are looking pretty good here.  Though, as I snuggled into bed late last night (or early this morning) I did remember that I forgot to grab one little thing.  So I guess that will be my mission for this week, as well as wrapping up just a couple of things that were finally ready to be picked up this weekend.  My baking is all done, except for one thing that I need to bake Thursday morning.  That is a good feeling!  Now I just need to order the prime rib for our Holiday Feast (we don't do turkey, though we will do a stuffed capon at some point during the holidays).

Wow, look at me rambling!  I hope you are just about ready for your celebrations, too!  But I wanted to pop in and announce the prize winners....  yup, I said winners I decided to send out one extra little prize as well since it is the holidays after all!

The first winner is Lalo, and the second is Christa!  Congratulations ladies you can email me here with your addresses and I will get your prizes in the mail this week!

Thank you to everyone that played along!

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  1. Thanks Laura :)
    and I'm sooo not ready for next week I'm on a BIG mission!!!!


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