Thursday, February 09, 2012

These are the Days- Playing with an Epiphany

Hello there!

Last night I decided to play with my Epiphany.  For those of you that haven't seen this cool little tool, it looks like this ....

 ... and it is used to create custom epoxy embellishments.   Now, I only have the circle shaped tool, but plan on picking up a few more when my favourite scrapbooking store gets there new shipment in.  I am especially in love with the new little banner shape!

Anyway, I wanted to use the epoxy embellishments in a few different ways and this is what I created......

 First off, I decided to alter this little bulldog clip, and took it one step further and added one of the little resin settings also available from Epiphany.
 Now that is a clip suitable for use in my crafty space, beautiful right?

 Next up, I made this Valentine card.  I used my Epiphany circle studio to enhance my 'I heart U' sentiment on my card.  I think it is super fun!
 Here is a closer look for you.

 Then I created this layout, and used the Epiphany circle studio in a couple of more ways. 
 Nestled in among my little die cut leaves this epoxy element is seated into a green resin piece.  It stands out quite nicely on my embellishment cluster.
 Here I used a basic epoxy piece as the third element in this cluster of embellishments.  You know how much I like the rule of threes!
 And this one I mounted onto a paperclip.  This is a quick and easy way to perk up a plain old paper clip.  Another idea for a paper clip is to use one as a bookmark, you could even personalize a clip and add it to a card and then you recipient could have a personalized paper clip bookmark!

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