Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cupcakes 'to-go' style

Hello all,

We had a small birthday party for our little guy last week, and while I was deciding what to do for a cake I remembered that the kiddies do not usually like to stop playing long enough to actually eat the cake so I search Pinterest for an idea to package cupcakes so that the kids could have a choice of eating them at the party or taking them home without smooshing them!  That's where I found this idea....
 And this is how I adapted them for us ....

 First, I set about making little decorative sticks for them.  Of course, we went for a St. Patty's theme for our St. Patty's day boy, but you could do anything under the sun.  I created this little digital image and printed out enough for my cupcakes, then I punched them out with a circle punch and inked the edges in green,  I also punched out green circles 1/4" larger than the white ones.  Then I mounted the two together with foam tape and a sucker sticker in between.
the super easy finished stick
 A little tip I learned along the way was to make sure your cupcakes fit in the cups before decorating them!  Thankfully, I only frosted one cupcakes before I thought of this.  My cupcakes are a little larger than my inspiration cupcakes, so I had to gently push each one into the cupcake and then add the icing and sprinkles.  No big deal really, just good to know ahead of time.
  You'll notice we have green icing for St. Patty's day, rainbow sprinkles, and gold spoons.... theme-ING it out ;)
 Then I created these little layered tags with a stamped shamrock on them.
 Two kinds of ribbon, a tag and a spoon finish off the look.
The kids loved them, and as I thought all but one child opted to take them home!

The other cool thing about this project is I had everything on hand, so that made it really easy.  The only thing that I bought new was the ribbon, knowing I would likely be making something along a St. Patrick's day theme sometime during the holiday!

Thanks for popping in to see what I am up to!


  1. These look amazing Laura! The kids must have loved them. Timmy is so lucky to have you :)

  2. These are so cute! And no doubt delicious(as I know you are quite the talented baker) ... I love them ... the perfect idea for a take-away from the party!


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