Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zipper Flower Tutorial - Card


I  am back today to share another zipper flower technique.   After sharing the last zipper flower tutorial,  ( In case you missed it you can find it here ), my friend and fellow card maker, Diane, asked if I would show the ladies in our card club how to make that zipper flower.  I'm all to happy to demo the technique, but I thought this particular flower is a little better suited to a card as it is smaller and less bulky.  This one is as quick and easy as the last tutorial I shared.  The main difference is this flower is rolled, does not have actual petals and sits  a little more flush with your project.

Let's get started......

Gather your supplies, you will need a zipper, a circle of cardstock the approximate size you would like your finished flower to be, some liquid glue or glue dots, a need and thread.

For the first step we will modify the zipper.

Trim off the end of the zipper that has the 'stop' on it.

You can discard the off cut and the actual pull tab.

Next you will run a basting stitch along the zipper, the opposite side of the teeth and about 1/8th of an inch in from the edge. 

Make sure your needle and thread are quite a bit longer than the actual zipper.

Now gently pull the thread so that the zipper starts to curl.

Now manualy fiddle with the zipper so that i lays in a circular shape, stating with the inside from and working towards the back.

Secure the inner swirl with a stitched tack.

Add a couple more stitches to hold the whole flower together.  You really only need to put one stitch in a few places to hold it together.

It will pretty much sit as it should after this step.

Now glue it onto you cardstock circle..

Add something decorative to the centre a button or bling, or an Epiphany piece like I have.

This is the card that I made using my zipper flower.  The card design is a lift from the 'Cool Tools' issue of Papercrafts Magazine, pg. 74 by Julia Stainton.

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