Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Technique Wednesday - Tag Tutorial

hi there!

I cerated this tutorial for ScrapMuch? but of course, you know I want to share it here too!  This little tip is for those of us that need a little gift tag when giving a gift... maybe with or without a card.  Sometimes we have a need for one or the other, and sometimes both.

The other day my Mom came for lunch,  I had picked her up an Orchid and needed a little tag to go along with.

Then I thought, hmmmm, I should really show everyone how easy it is to make these!  So here goes.....

 First gather your supplies, I have kept this very 'tool basic' for those of us that may not have a lot of tools.  A trimmer, any border punch, a hole punch and a corner rounder are all that you will need.
 Starting with a 2.5" piece of cardstock (you will notice I am using a scrap) punch along one end using your border punch.
Now trim it down to 4 inches tall.
Add a punched hole in the center of the non border punched edge and round the corners at the top only.   Now you have your basic tag piece done.
I keep a stash of scraps ( I will tell you how I decided which ones to keep and how I organize them one day, remind me... my memory is suffering lately!) on hand, this way when the need arises I go straight to this bin to pull out what suits me at the time.
 Now decorate the the tag with whatever pattern paper you chose.
 I also have a little bin that I keep 'off cuts' of my die cuts in.  For example, if I am using the Cricut to cut out a shape, but maybe it is too small or too large... I throw it in here.
 Then when I have a quick project to make like this tag, or if I am looking for that extra little embellishment to  add to a project, I grab this bin and start sifting.

The finished project!  These sentiment rub-ons from ScrapMuch? even make the job that much easier!

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  1. Cute tags! Thanks for the tutorial.


  2. Yes I love tags and this one is just cool!!!

  3. Love it! I've been on a tag kick too ... great idea to use up your random bits ... when they come together, they look amazing! Love the tags!


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