Friday, June 29, 2012

happy firday!

Hi there!

I do not have a sketch to share with you today.  I will be back next Friday to resume normal sketch posting.

For now, I have a layout that I want to share.  I found out that my youngest son's former kindergarten teacher will not be teaching kindergarten any longer, and she is heart broken about it.  As are many parents.  This teacher is warm and loving and somehow manages to get all of the children to give that little bit extra, she has a gift.  I spent every Monday for two years helping out in her classroom, it was a great place to hang out, make myself useful and enjoy the children.  I was exhausted at the end of each day, I am not quite sure how she does it with a smile and many kind words day in and day out.  The woman is tireless.  She will be missed, for she is just the kind of person you feel your babies deserve when they have to start this whole school thing.

Some of the parents from her current class are putting together an album of present and past classes, for her.  I know she will cry as I made her a mini album based on a song she taught the children for a teacher's gift one year.

I asked if I could contribute a layout from Timmy's SK class, back in 2009.

I had a little peek at the book on Saturday, the layouts were sweet but simple as there are so many to be created before the end of the school year.  So bearing in mind the feel of the book, I created this layout.....

Look at the art on the wall behind all the children, amazing, she has such a bright and beautiful classroom.

These papers have a little boy theme, but also reference numbers and wonder and discovery so I thought they were pretty perfect.

Timmy wrote little note for her.  It reads "I miss you and I wish I was still in your class, Love Timothy Whitaker', in his very neatest writing.  He has not loved school since he left her class, she made an impact for sure.

I know she will do a wonderful job teaching grade 1, but it is more than a little sad she cannot stay where her heart is.

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  1. fabulous layers and great accents.. amazing story for a great teacher

  2. So very touching! The layout is beautiful and I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated.

  3. This is so sweet! b I love when my kids get good teacher :)


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