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She Waits - Inspiration Elevator - Authentique

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A little while ago, I was invited to join forces with a group of very talented scrappy ladies.  We are endeavoring to raise the bar in our own creative process, through unique challenges that we issue to each other once a month. Together we are  "Inspiration Elevator" or IE for short!  We post our projects on the 15th of each month.  Last month marked our very first post, you can see mine here, if you missed our launch.

This month is my turn to issue the challenge.  If you know me you probably know I can be a little long winded (which is odd for a girl who is basically shy), so you will have the bear with me, while reading my challenge!  This is what I gave the ladies .....

"If you ask most scrapbookers why they scrapbook, they will tell you that they are preserving memories for their families.  This is not why I scrapbook.  I wish I could say something that unselfish, but I scrapbook for me, plain and simple.  I hope my family enjoys my books and will enjoy pulling them out in later years.  I know they appreciate what I create, they are very supportive and make all of the appropriate ooohs and aaahs when I show them what I have made.  But in reality I love to cut and paste, especially when I can include cute photos of my family.  I find it therapeutic; for remembering good times and getting through rough times.  I also love the social aspect of scrapbooking.  When I became visually impaired 12 years ago I rarely went out, especially without my husband.  This hobby, albeit a strange one for someone visually impaired, has brought me out into the world again.  So yes, for many reasons and in many ways it is solely for me.
For my challenge I wanted to get back to the root of scrapbooking a little bit, back to the preserving of memories; to encourage you to look at your photos a little more closely.  We all have cute photos of the sweet-faced children and beautiful family members, in our lives, that we can scrapbook.  But I want to challenge you to choose a photo that tells a story or evokes an emotion, something a little different than our children playing or family members posing.   We all have heard that a picture speaks a thousand words. Chose a photo that was taken from behind the subject, preferably one in which you cannot see their face.  Maybe you have chosen not to scrap a particular photo in past because you couldn’t see the subject’s face very well, this is the perfect time to use that photo. Then the story will be the focus and not the face.   Then tell the story that goes with the photo via your journaling.  This way when our families look back at this page years from now, they will truly be reminded of 'the moment'.  It can be funny, happy, poignant – it’s your call and your story to tell.  Then of course, go wild and make it pretty, because that is what we do!

And this is my take on this challenge.....

 I was playing around with the setting on my camera one afternoon, taking random shots to test out different options. I wasn't really paying attention to the subject matter, only the camera.  When I uploaded the photos to my computer to have a better look at them, and to see how much editing I could do to improve them - I came across this photo.  The quality is so poor as I was shooting into the light, I did as much editing as I could to try to fix it, without ending up with a grainy photo. 

But something struck me when I was dong this, I thought .... 'this is so her', and I knew that despite the quality I would be using this photo one day.

Journaling is important to this challenge and to this layout (otherwise it is just a photo of a seemingly lazy dog!)

The journaling reads "She waits, she waits for him here EVERY day. She waits for him to come home to her.  When the school bell rings she starts whimpering in anticipation.  She loves him."

I used papers from Authentique on this layout, this little sticker that says 'Every puppy should have a boy' is so perfect.   Mollie is not his puppy, he is her boy!  She goes to bed with him, she waits for him, and she decides when they will play and when they will snuggle.  He is hers.

 I love banners / fish tails and love to add them to my layouts. I should invest in some dies instead of hand cutting them.  I also added a circle strip piece cut with a PTI die and some denim hearts cut with another PTI die.  Another perfect Authentique sticker
 I've had this bingo card in my stash for a long, long time.  I know it's hard to tell by I misting it with some blue Glimmermist, using a clock face mask.
I also added a stamped border of clocks and some flicks of white Mr' Huey's mist.

Now, this is not a blog hop, and there are no prizes, but we would love it if you would take a few minutes to see what the rest of the Inspiration Elevator team has created.  We are sure you will feel inspired to be creative yourself:


 Thank you for sticking with me until the end!  I told you I can be long winded.  These IE challenges are becoming so meaningful, it is hard to express myself in only a few words.

I hope you find the time to play along with this challenge to take a photo that may not be your first choice and use it to tell a story.  And if you do, leave me a comment with a link to your project and I will definitely come and leave you some love!
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  1. Fabulous design, great journaling and love your paint spatters Laura! Thanks for the challenge this month!

  2. I love that little row of denim hearts and your gorgeous design. And the photo and story are wonderful. Years from now, when he's grown up and the dog is in doggie heaven, he'll really treasure this page. It was a great challenge, Laura!

  3. Beautiful layout, Laura! I'm going to have to find me that heart border die! Loved your journaling - my dog was the same with me! Thanks for the challenge!

  4. Beautiful layout, Laura! I'm going to have to find me that heart border die! Loved your journaling - my dog was the same with me! Thanks for the challenge!

  5. I love this Laura. It actually brought tears to my eyes that she love him so much. Your choice of papers and embellies really highlight the photo and sentiment. Thanks for the great deign and the great challenge. We are lucky to have you!

  6. Brilliant layout Laura! Everything on your page works so well together and your journaling captures their relationship beautifully! Thanks for an awesome challenge :)
    Joanne xo

  7. This is so sweet..I love that she waits for him every day and that he is her boy! Every detail of this layout is just perfect..the border of stamped clocks, the mist, the denim it all!

  8. that is a seriously Moxie Fab layout. I almost cried when I read the journalling! So sweet!!!

  9. Laura, this was a great challenge. I love what you did with your page. The stamping around the large circle and the pennants along t he bottom are my favourite parts. A beautiful photo of Mollie too :)

  10. Laura, this was a great challenge. I love what you did with your page. The stamping around the large circle and the pennants along t he bottom are my favourite parts. A beautiful photo of Mollie too :)

  11. Great challenge and layout!!!

  12. Love your layout and the wonderful story in your journalling. When I was a child I had a dog like Molly, One who whined to get out of the house and run down the laneway to meet me as I got off the school bus. Her timing was perfect every day.

  13. Beautiful layout ... so meaningful and sweet.

  14. I love that you used a photo even though you thought the quality wasn't great (but honestly, it looks awesome to me!). What a sweet dog and I love your stamped border! Thank you for issuing such a fantastic challenge!

  15. Laura, this is just stunning! I really love the hearts in denim!

  16. Love the photo you chose to use - its really a great shot - we've got doggies around here that do the same thing! ;) I really like the string of denim hearts and subtle stamping!


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