Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tutorial Wednesday - DIY polaroids

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It's is Wednesday, or hump day as some of us say.  The perfect day to get your creative juices flowing with a little tutorial.  Do you remember this layout I shared on Monday? 
I love this layout, it was a great sketch to work with.  It originally suggested a circular photo as the focal point, but I really have a hard time doing that.  It reminds me too much of my very early scrapbooking days that just well, make me cringe.

So I decided to do a faux Polaroid as a way of incorporating a smaller photo and keeping the scale of the sketch the same, and not having  to deal with my little phobia ;)  .

 To start off with, choose a photo that you can easily trim down to 4" x 4".
  Now cut a piece of cardstock to 4" x 4.5".  Then cut at 1/4" along the top and two sides and at the 3.75" mark at the bottom edge.

You should end up with something like this, it measures 4" x 4.5" on the outside and the top and sides measure .25", and the bottom edge measures .5".    
 Adding it over the top of your photo makes a cute retro inspired Polaroid!  A nice little twist on a traditional mat.

Hope you enjoyed this fun little tutorial!

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  1. This is a neat idea! Love your layouts! Great photos too, always.


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