Sunday, July 01, 2012

Happy Canada Day! - Card

Hi there!

Happy Canada Day!

Are you celebrating today?  Will you be watching a fireworks display and remembering how lucky we are to live in this great country? I wouldn't say that I am a patriotic fanatic but I am grateful that I live in Canada.  I am grateful for the many wonderful things this country offers, and I am happy to be raising my family with the peace, freedoms, choices, health care and friendliness within Canada.  Oh, and my favourite colour has always been red that's patriotic, right?

With that said, I do want to share this patriotic card with you (the first that I have ever created) ....

 The red pattern paper is from Basic Grey.  This is a digital stamp that I scooped for free a couple of months ago, but the link no longer works so I cannot share it with you.  Sorry.
 I tried to give this little guy a bit of a fluffy look.
These are the Copics that I used.

I am not sure if we will be seeing fireworks, but we will for sure have sparklers and a camp fire.

Oh and today is my birthday, that's patriotic too, Right?

Hoping you all have a fabulous ( insert 'long' for my Canadian friends) weekend!

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  1. Lovely card and HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! Your coloring is awesome and the felt acorn fab!!! I so want to visit there one day...I only hear wonderful beautiful things :)

  2. First things first!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :-) what a day to share. Happy Canada Day - we will be off to the fireworks this evening too. Lucky you, fireworks on your birthday. Have a great day.

    Love this card ... so sweet & patriotic :)


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