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For the love of boating - Inspiration Elevator - American Crafts,


 Welcome to our third Inspiration Elevator challenge. You may recall from the first month's challenge that the purpose of this challenge group was to take our scrapbooking to the next level, to stretch our creative process and to grow as artists by embracing challenges that make us think, work and grow.

This month our challenger was the very talented Audrey Yeager. Audrey noticed (as you may have too) that all but one of our members is a single page designer. Our default design is a single 12x12 design! For Carolyn Wolff her go-to is a double and so the challenge will be a bit different for her. That's why we love many styles and we all approach it differently! In fact, we have invited a valued guest designer to join us this month; her name is Scarlett Salamone.

Here's a bit of what Audrey had to say in her challenge this month. She even gives us a few tips and a link to a great blog for inspiration! 

" I take a lot of photos.  Right now, I have been using 2 or 3 smaller photos on my layouts.  But truth is, I have a lot of events where I would like to include a lot of photos on a larger spread so that you can see the details in the photos to.  So I print out the photos with the intention of putting them on a 2-page spread...
I just can’t get it.  I feel like I have a certain style, yet when I sit down to create a 2 pager, it feels nothing like “me”. 
SOOOO, your next challenge is to create a double page layout.  And I don’t mean just any double page.  I want you to really think about your style and your design practices for single pagers (the first assignment helped us define our style, so think about those elements).  Then take those ideas and try to apply them to a double pager.   
Here are some ideas:
*Start by thinking of your canvas as a 12x24” size.  Before you even print photos or pick papers, try to envision (or sketch out) a design that feels like “you”.
*Once you have a basic design, think about the techniques that you love and where/how you will incorporate them on your page.
*Choose products that you would use for a single page layout.  If you use white cardstock as a base a lot of times, then use it on your double page.  If you mostly use patterned paper, then use that.  And if you don’t have 2 of the same sheets of patterned paper for your background, I REALLY challenge you to use 2 different 12x12 sheets for the base of your spread!  (Kim Watson does a superb job of using 2 different sheets for her backgrounds…if you have CK magazine, look at some of her pages.)
*Another way to approach this, (which I personally want to experiment with more), is to create 2 single pagers, but use the same papers in the same ratios.  The papers and the photos will help tie your design together.
You might do this challenge and not be happy with your first result, so I challenge you to KEEP TRYING!  Do a 2nd , double page layout and try to learn from your “mistakes” on the first one.
Also, if you typically DO create 2 pagers, then apply the same ideas to a single page spread instead.
As we create this month, if you have thoughts about your process or are struggling, OR you are loving what you are creating, share some of your ideas with us!!!
I can’t wait to see what you create!"

As Audrey Yeager suggested I approached this by creating 2 single page layouts, with the same theme and used the same product and embellishments to tie the two sides together.  I had several photos of my family on our boat, they weren't necessarily form the same day but they didn't really need their own layouts either, so they seemed perfect for this project.

I created  this page first, except for the embellies. I worked off a sketch I had recently drawn.
Then I created this page.  I used a different background colour to show that these could potentially be two stand alone layouts or one double.  I rotated the sketch for this second page (which actually is the first page of the double layout).
And this is the two pages together.  When I do doubles I almost always have my journaling on the second page and the title on the first, so I further challenged myself to do some things differently.

 I created this sunset by die cutting two different papers and layering them over some stitched rays.
This journaling area was 'stamped' with Mr. Huey's mist and a piece of paper.  (Watch for an upcoming tutorial on this.)

This little banner swag runs from page 1 to page 2, to help tie the two pages together.
This Smash book Washi tape, reinforces the 'love' part of my title.

Another banner sway... just because I love them!

My friend Eileen, is the queen of long titles,  she inspired me to add one to this page.
And some cute little flags, for some reason they make me think of boating.

I hope you will stop by and see what the designers on this adventure have created:

Laura Whitaker (you are here)
Scarlett Salamone - July Guest Designer 

Thank you for visiting today!  If you play along with this challenge, and I sure hope you do.... leave me a comment and I will definitely come and visit you too!



  1. Great layout Laura! I love how you made your two 'single' layouts into a double!! Plus I love all the little details that unite the two pages! I especially love your journaling technique. I will certainly be back to see how you did that :)
    Joanne xo

  2. Such a fun summer layout Laura! Love your stitching, banner and design!

  3. Laura! You really took this challenge to heart! I like how the two sides COULD stand alone! Your banner is great; the paper choices really make it pop, your sunset it really great too! Over a great great two pager. Love it!

  4. Love this ... such a great read plus fun layout(s) to check out :) I have to say that Molly in the lifejacket just drew me in :)

    Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  5. I love that you used two different background papers, the sun is amazing and I love, love, love the journaling lines! I must get some of that washi tape!

  6. I love how your pages could stand alone but they work GREAT together! All your fun details are amazing, too!!

  7. Wonderful Double layout...banner and sun stand out but the photos are the main focus.

  8. Terrific approach to your double challenge, Laura. I love that you created 2 singles and put them together, as did the scrapbooker Audrey referenced. Your sun detail is adorable - great embellies and bits.

  9. Love how you tackled the challenge and used a sketch in different ways to help the flow of things. Terrific use of twine on your pages! Love the tape too - sigh I'm a tape junkie, LOL!

  10. Great elements - and I love the two different pages for the background. So different yet they completely harmonize together!


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