Thursday, August 23, 2012

I blew a little bubble, it wasn't any trouble!

Hi there!

I wanted to share a simple kids craft with you today.  We made these last week, if you still have children on summer holidays  this might just entertained them for a little while!

Let the kiddies make their very own gumball machine!  A quick trip to the dollar store and the bulk section of your grocery store and you are set!

You need one clay pot complete with base, and a rose bowl  at  a dollar each ... this is an inexpensive craft.  Then you will want croft paint... you can grab that at the dollar store too if you do not have any.  One small bottle will do at least three pots.  Typically you will want red... but I had a lot of orange on hand and didn't see any point in buying the red since the kids didn't really care.  Or if you have a lot of paint on hand you can let them customize them to match their rooms.  You also need something to adhere to the bottom of the pot base (which will be the lid) to serve as a handle.  I had some little spools on hand already so that worked out just fine.

 We did this as a rainy day activity while we were up at the trailer!  Nothing like a rainbow of gumballs to put a smile on the children's faces!
 First step, paint up the outside of both the pot and it's base.  This is my nephew, Jake working on his.

 And our Timmy working on his.
 Now glue the rose bowl to the bottom of the pot and the spool (handle) to the bottom of the base.  You will want to use E600 glue, available at Micheal's if you do not have it.

Ta da!  You can even have the kids customize the bases with some left over alpha stickers, that would be fun too!

This would make an great birthday party activity which would double as a take home gift instead of a loot bag!  The paint dries really fast on the clay so if you had the kids paint them up at the start of the party... they could scoop gumballs out of a punch bowl on their way out the door, to fill them up.  I suggest you glue everything together a day or two ahead of time and put a little painters tape around the base of the rose bowl to keep it from getting paint on it, if you do these at a party... the E6000 holds great. but takes  a little time to dry.

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  1. Laura what a creative project
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  2. Such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!


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