Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tutorial Wednesday - Sharpen those punches

Hi there!

I am away for our last week long trip to the trailer for this summer, before my hubby goes back to work.  I am hoping to get a few more good pictures before the summer winds down.  I know some of you have children that have already started back to school,  and some do not go back for another week and a half ..... what are you all doing with these last days of August?

I have just a really quick tutorial for you today .... being selfish with my time.... I am sure you understand :)

Are you a punch lover?  Do you notice your punches getting dull... making it harder to punch through papers, thinner ones especially?  Well there is a quick fix for that.

(sorry for the harsh shadows.... it was really super sunny in the craft room today)

 pull out the tin foil
 punch through it a few times with your dull punches

now they will punch crisply through your papers again... even the tin ones!

Thanks for joining me today!


  1. Thank You Laura though I have read about this before never had the courage to do it!!


  2. Well..what a brilliant idea! I'm going to sharpen up my punches today!! Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  3. Thanks Laura. Great tip.

    Have a great last week of fun. Mine is coming to an end very soon.

  4. Great tip...I got a few punches that could use some tin foil :)


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