Friday, August 24, 2012

Waste not want not Tutorial - Boys Rule - Basic Grey

Hello there!

It is the time in the month when I post a tutorial on the Boy's Rule blog. 

Sometimes tutorials come easy, and sometimes I stew about them for a while, this month I had  a few ideas, but this one works great with this month's Boy's Rule kit, so I will keep the other ideas on the back burner for a "stewing "month!

When I was growing up we were reared with 'waste not want not' as a sort of mantra.  There was not a lot of money, certainly not for anything frivolous, and my Mom was a genius at re-using, re-cycling and re-purposing.  I remember when I was 9 or 10, her making baby clothes for my youngest sister out of the maternity clothes she wore while pregnant!  Fabulous idea!  In fact for many years she made most of our clothes, probably where I get my craftiness from!  Although, I certainly do not have her skills with a sewing machine.

Anyway, today I wanted to share with you another way to re-purpose, except of course, that this relates to scrapbooking.

This month's  Boy's Rule kit came with an entire paper pack of Basic Grey's 'Clippings' collection.  It is awesome by the way!  And with paper packs come cover pages, such as this.....

Isn't it pretty?

Well, these pieces always get me thinking.... there is so much you can do with them.  I started by cutting away the advertising bits.

Then I got to work on a layout, trimming down the cover page to a size I felt I could work with.  I love that torn, decorative bit up top... don't worry about the BG logo... we can fix that.

See it is all gone, hidden under some pretty flags.
Now how does this look?  The cover page gave me a great jumping off point for my layout, with the addition of a few more scraps of paper I have a great base for my photo of Timmy riding a bull in Cuba. 

And if you remember from this post, I created hexagons to use as masks... well I kept them after I misted over them and used one here on this layout as an extra embellie and another re-purposed item.

A few embellies, journaling and a fun title and voila, I have one more completed layout and one less thing in my trash!
Next time you sit down to create a layout or card... have a look around to see what you can re-purpose.

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  1. very clever Laura, I have also used those cover pages in the past for cards and layouts, it's like an extra little something that comes with the pad, both projects are great!!

  2. Love this! I too love using the cover pages on my projects ... Love your layout too!


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