Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Chris!

Hi there!

Today is my eldest son's birthday, I cannot believe he is 23!  Or rather, I cannot believe I am the parent of a 23 year old!

I was going through a few photos of him, taking a little trip down memory lane, and I thought I'd share (he won't mind, right?).

Here he is on the left at 2.5 years old ( with his brother Jonathan)
At 4, starting JK.  Winning Smile!
At 6, Grade 1, he insisted on the tie!  I think the school bus sweater was from Grandma.  Very handsome!  Gotta love the days of the mushroom cut!

At 12, saving the game!
At 13 with his (one day) baby brother.

Getting stylin' for Grade 8 Grad photos.
At 13, looking so grown up.

At 17.

And now.
Happy birthday, Bud!   We  love you, and hope you achieve all of your dreams.

Thanks for visiting, and allowing me this indulgent trip down memory lane.


  1. How super sweet are these pics! They grow TOO fast.

    Be blessed, Beckie
    Stampin' Up Independent Demonstrator
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  2. Oh my look at those photos...I see a scrapbook coming :) Congrats on being an awesome mama and a happy birthday to your not-so-little man :)


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