Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Tutorial Wesnesday - Buttons Galore

Hi there!

It's Wednesday, already!  I know I cannot believe it either.  Today I wanted to share with you some tips on using the buttons in your stash - most of us have a pretty substantial button stash and we do not always think to use them on our projects.  Buttons are great, they are gender neutral and are a great finishing touch for every project.  So go ahead and pull yours out and try a few of these tips!

1.  Flower Centre - yes the most common use for buttons
2.  Embellish a Die cut to give it life - trees are especially great for this, try it at Christmas too!

3.  Fill in a Die Cut to give it oomph.
 4.  Butterfly centres.
5.  As a stand alone element.
6.  Top those tags.
7.  Turn a paper clip into an embellishment.
8.  Anchor your twine.
9.  As a design element.

10.  Button up your banner.

What about you, what is your favourite way to use buttons?

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  1. Love all the ideas and inspiration! I definitely have buttons galore in my stash!


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