Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ouch - Boy's Rule - Prima

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 I have had these photos (well the first one) on my scrap table for a few years now, waiting for just the right time to scrapbook them.  Then I opened this month's kit and knew right away, it was finally time to document this story.  That giant turquoise 'ouch' says it all!  And it matches with my son's hospital gown!  (That's a scrappy bright side to your child needing surgery!)  In this photo my son was 16 and was having a metal bar (shown in the lower photo) inserted into his chest.  The bar was as wide as his chest and the surgery was a long 7 hours, and his recovery a painful few months.
I love that the gears sort of speak to the inner workings o a body.  And the stickers are just perfect  - whoops I can see that I accidentally grabbed the 'congrats' sticker instead of the 'courage' I will have to fix that before this makes it into an album!
I doodled around these large circles to help them stand out a bit.
This is a photo of the bar that was inserted into his chest, though this photo was taken 3 years later after it was removed
The perfect chipboard title!

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