Friday, December 28, 2012

Getting more from your embellishments - Boys Rule - Tutorial - Glitz Design

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I am sharing a tutorial on the Boy's Rule blog today and thought I would share it here, too.  Do you ever have that moment when you only have one particular embellishment and that won't quite do, you wish you had more, or that it was a little bigger - you know what I mean, right?

Well today I am going to share with you what I did when that happened to me recently.

First up, I had this cute little gold Polaroid frame from Glitz Design's 'Your's Truly' collection, it is from the package of 'whatnots' .  I loved it but knew I would not be using it in a traditional Polaroid frame sort of way.   So I cut it in half and used each half as a accent in the following 2 layouts.  That way, I get the colour, dimension and texture of that particular embellishment on two layouts for the price of one package!

Next up, I did a similar thing with this 'Peek a boo" , I love this clear acetate 4 x 6 sheet with 'I love you' written all over it and I know , I will want to use it more than once, so I sliced off a fraction of it and added it to my embellie cluster in the upper corner of this layout... reserving the rest for a future layout.  The bonus is that this particular embellie is a neutral so I can use it with any collection I happen to be working with!

And this last layout, has 2 examples of my 'frugalness'  (yes I know it's not a word! hehe.  This chevron 'peek a boo' is awesome and I wanted to run it behind my photo, but it wasn't quite long enough, so I cut it into 2 pieces and hid the seam behind my photo.  I was also able to cut a quarter of the round 'whatnot' off, that would have been hidden behind my photo and use it in the embellie cluster at the bottom of my layout.  It looks more  cohesive and like I had 2 of them!

Do you have any great ideas for making the most out of your embellies?  I would love you to share them if you do.

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  1. Great way to use something for multiple pages :)
    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Great tips Laura!! I have done the trick with hiding the seam of cut papers behind photos! And I love all of your pages! Great designs and I really love the Yellow on the first one!


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