Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Faux Stitching with paint - Tutorial

Hi there!

I have  a new tutorial to share with you today.  I ran across this a few years ago, finally got around to testing it out and thought I`d share it with all of you.

 You will need some craft paint, a scrap of cardstock and a Seamstress`tracing wheel.  These can be pick up for as little as a few bucks in your notions department or if you have a sewer in the family - borrow one.

First put a line of paint onto your scrap of cardstock, you do not need a lot.  I have tried this on a plastic dish (so that there is no waste, but you need something with some give).  Now, run your wheel back and forth through the paint a few time so that all of the little tines are covered.

 Now, working on your project area, press firmly but not too hard, so that the wheel rolls all the way around.  You can see that it leaves nice painted `stitching`with good coverage and even lines.  I did a few different swipes to show you that you can easily go in a straight line or a gentle arc... sharper turns are a little trickier - so go slowly.

I used this technique for the first time on the green card stock on this card, it was super fun and quick.

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  1. wow brilliant technique! I'll have to remember it and give it a try!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your tip for faux stitching and your card. Thanks for the tip!


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