Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Highlighting 2012 - Inspiration Elevator

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You may recall from last month's challenge that the purpose of this challenge group was to take our scrapbooking to the next level, to stretch our creative process and to grow as artists by embracing challenges that make us think, work and grow.  You can see last month's challenge on my blog here.

Since the start of a new year often prompts us to look back and ahead, we thought we would do the same creatively. This month we were challenged to look back over the last year and share with you some of the designs that reflect some growth or success in our process.

This month's exercise was surprisingly challenging and as such, I procrastinated a fair bit!  Scouring and critiquing a year's worth of layouts, looking for earmarks of growth is no small task.  I'm sure you will agree with me that we tend to be our own worst critics - my family will certainly attest to this trait in me.  However, I think I have compiled a grouping of layouts that I feel best showcase my style and some of my scrappy growth during 2012.

This is the first layout I created for Inspiration Elevator, it boasts a few of my favourite elements; banners, hand-stitching lots of pattern and layered embellishments. I still love it for it's bold colours and distressed feel.  At the time I scrapped this layout, back in May of 2012, I used mainly 5x7 photos.
This layout, showcases a new (at the time) found love of spattering mists.  Still embracing my love of patterned paper, with more 'white' space.  I also started working towards using smaller photos, using 4x6's more often than not.  This layout was created for Let's Get Sketchy and working with sketches is something that I did not typically do prior to 2012, as I didn't feel that I had a talent for using them and making them my own designs.  However during 2012 I embraced 'the sketch' and used many, many of them.
Embracing the hexagon trend, I still maintained my own trend of many patterned papers, adding even more than what were already in the background page.  Created for Boy's Rule this layout with it's many layers and embellishments is typical of me
These two layouts were created at the same time for ScrapMuch?, and showcase my new LOVE for small photos - just as I love layering papers and embellies, I discovered that I also love layering small photos.  I also tried die cutting a title right into my background page for the first time, these layouts are bright and fun and make me happy still - a true test for me is going back to a layout months / years later and still loving it.

This is the first layout that I created for Creative Scrappers, this is a team I had wanted to  join for a couple of years now.  But lacked the confidence and the skill to apply.  Inspiration Elevator has helped me 'grow' my craft and my confidence.  There is something to be said about scrapping for yourself while still pushing yourself with a new challenge every month, while I do not 'love' every layout I have created with Inspiration Elevator, each and every one has given me an opportunity to grow in some way - even in putting myself out there a little more.  Not to mention jumping on the latest trends, so fun - like the chevron!
Banners and hand-stitching still abound, bright fun colours and the use of a black and white photo - all make me happy.  But one of the main reasons I love this layout is that, because it was created for an Inspiration Elevator challenge, it gave me the courage to post a layout with me - without makeup, with messy hair, in a bathing - something I would not have done in a million years prior.  In fact, I would never have printed the photo - or posed for it int he first place.  Of course, it was taken at my happy place where I let my guard down.
Another Creative Scrappers layout, with hand stitching, mists, small photos, layers and lots of white space - I am loving the white space!

A very recent Creative Scrappers layout, still working on a vow I made via an Inspiration Elevator challenge to be more present in our family memory albums.  I have scrapped more of me in this last year than I have in all of the other years combined - mists, hand stitching, die cuts, fussy cutting are all techniques you will find in almost all of my layouts.
I have truly enjoyed being a part of this group, honing my craft - finding my style and inserting a little more of me into each project.  I am thankful to the rest of the team for sharing their skills and insight with us each month and for challenging us all to be a 'better us'.  I cannot wait to see what the next year with these lovely ladies brings! 

Now, I hope you will take the time to see what my Inspiration Elevator team mates chose as they reflected on this challenge. 

Thanks so much for visiting me today, I really truly appreciate that you do!



  1. Wonderful work Laura! Love the layout, He's All That!

  2. Oh Laura, such a gorgeous body of work. I can really feel your style in each one! My fav is In the Moment..but I think all are absolutely divine.

  3. Such a beautiful group of work! I love, love, love Duck Walk and In the Moment..they are STUNNING!!!

  4. LOVE every single one!!! You are a layout queen :)

  5. With how prolific you are, Laura, I can imagine it was a task to go through this year's creations to determine a list. I think your work has definitely grown and your approach has changed, and if IE has been part of that, I am glad! AND I LOVE seeing you on some of these layouts, my beautiful friend!

  6. Stunning work..wow! Hard to pick a fave, adore he's all that and bliss.

  7. Wow - gorgeous work Laura! Your attention to detail is exemplary! I don't think I can even pick a favorite!
    Joanne xo


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