Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I Mustache You a Question - Boy's Rule - Tutorial - Kaisercraft

Hi there!

It's my turn to share a project on the Boy's Rule blog today, and I have been asked to add some instructions, too.  So let's get started with a picture of the finished project....

Start out by adding some mist to the background of your layout (I usually do this at the end, but most do it at the beginning and it is certainly less risky that way).

Now let's get started with cutting papers.  .....
-cut the green clock paper down to 3.5" x 7"
-cut beige 'Charming" to 6" x  12" , then tear down the right hand side of this piece at about the 7.5"-8" mark
-cut the multi coloured strip down to 2.5" x 8" and punch along the lower edge................  This is the only time I will mention this - if you are an inker (like me) - go ahead and add it, if not that's cool too.  Now, you can start layering these pieces up as you see in the photo.  when I am in the fussing phase of a layout I often only put adhesive in the centre of each piece, sort of holding it in place while still allowing me to tuck in bits and bobs, as I think they are needed.  So I suggest you do the same for this layout.

Now fine the little black and white journaling card with this gentleman on it, and tuck it in behind the beige paper.  I cut it in half, so I can use the half that would be hidden in another project.

Next up grab that cool old car, die cut sticker strip and neatly trim off one of the cars and layer it over the multi coloured stripe strip of paper.

Now add your photograph, again putting adhesive only in the centre.  Then tuck in the journaling card shown behind the photo.

Now let's work on the upper corner.  Create a large banner piece that measures about 2 1/8th x 3, and add some doodling .  Cut and tear a piece of the red and beige striped paper to measure 3.5' x 1', ad it over the large banner and tuck in 5 small banner stickers behind it.  Now the little hats strip was cut off the bottom of a patterned paper, and staple on.  Pop dot one of your little mustaches.

 Lastly, let's work on the title.  The mustache was cut from Silhouette cut file given to all subscribers.  Cut it at about 5" wide and 1.5" tall, add some doodling and pop dot it onto your layout.  Use the alpha stickers in your kit to create the rest of the title.

And that's it, you have completed one more layout for  your alpha!  Yay!

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  1. This is the mustache and the title is awesome!

  2. Great layout! I have a moustache layout to do too!

  3. love, love, love this! perfection, my friend!


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