Friday, March 15, 2013

Lil Rock Stars - Inspiration Elevator - My Mind's Eye - Lucky Seven

Hi there!

It's that time of the month again, that I get to reveal my Inspiration Elevator layout with you.

You may recall that the purpose of this challenge group is to take our scrapbooking to the next level, to stretch our creative process and to grow as artists by embracing challenges that make us think, work and grow. You can view all of the challenges on my blog by clicking here.
This month, our challenge comes from the very sweet and very talented Joanne Burton. Joanne resides in Waterloo and co-owns a scrapbook store there with her bff. Her scrapbooking style is classically elegant and always showcases wonderful photos. It's no wonder that her challenge to is centered around the photo - here is the challenge, in Joanne's own words:

Inspiration Elevator has been such a tremendous experience for me! We have explored our style, stretched our single pages into two, documented our fears and regrets, scrapbooked our beliefs, worked with less than perfect photos and have even gone vintage! Hopefully we have each grown as a result of being a part of this group – I know I have! 

One of the fun things about scrapbooking is working with our photos. We get to pick and choose our favorite photos and have fun recording the memories behind them. So this month, I thought we could stretch our creativity by having some fun with our photos!

I assume we all work with digital photos, so this month’s challenge will work for each of you. I want you to pick a photo and then alter it in some way using your favorite photo editing program. I would like to see something more than just making your photo black and white. Maybe use a special effect, add a frame, play with text, etc. There is so much you can do!

Play with your photo until it conveys a particular look or feel that will help you to express your memories associated with that picture. Then add it to your page! When you post your finished project, please share how you altered your photo, and why you chose the effects you did. (Maybe you could even post a before and after of your photo!)

So here is my layout for this great challenge.

 As you can see this photo was taken at Christmas time, and has been on my 'to be scrapped' list for quite some time (Timmy and my nephew, Jake, were 4 then, and Timmy will be 10 in a few days).  I have even had some paper that I wanted to use for a couple of years, too.  But the problem was, it was very Christmas-y with the tree in the background and I didn't want it to be a Christmas layout.

So I used Joanne's challenge as an opportunity to play with this photo.  This is so far out of my comfort zone and I cannot even tell you what I did, other than mess around in PSE for a while.  Here is the before photo....
See, it is quite busy and the kids are not really the focus as much as I'd like them to be.
 I cut quite a few of the elements out on my Silhouette, the music notes were then painted with Mr. Huey's and glossed up with some Liquid Glass.

Have you ever had a layout take you where you did not intend for it to go?  This one did, and it is not quite how I wanted it.  But after several hours of fiddling I gave up.... it is what it is.  A memory documented.  The boys were so cute and so serious about their 'tunes' I had to add is to our family album.

All in all, I loved the challenge and am looking forward to trying more things in PSE to alter my photos!

I hope you will stop by and see what the designers on this adventure have created:

Lisa Spiegel

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  1. What a great edit! I love the way you took out the distraction and stuill popped your focal points. I also like your music notes and your staff grid layers. Its' all so amazingly meaningful.

  2. I love what you did to make the photo less busy and I also love your fun page!

  3. What a great picture and an absolutely fabulous page!!

  4. wow..what a great how it now is so easy to focus on the boys! And the layers and details are amazing as always!

  5. While you may not like the end product of your creativity - I think it is one of my all-time favourites of your! I love the colours you used, the die-cuts, the photo editing... it is seriously fabulous!! Way to go my friend :)
    Joanne xo

  6. Love this! Such great colours and amazing details!

  7. Great layout! This would most definitely be a challenge for me as I really dislike editing my photos!!!

  8. You rocked the photoshop for sure!!!! Awesome job!!!

  9. Great work with the digital editing!! Love how your boys just POP out of the photo! And the itty bitties on your layout like the guitar circle and tags with their initials put this over the edge into FABULOUS!

  10. You did some great stuff with PSE, and the tree has faded into the background, leaving those little cutie patootie rockers as the focus! Love your little details and stickers, and sad that this didn't turn out how you had hoped (we all get those...)

  11. I love how you edited your photo!! It really makes them stand out more against that background that was so busy! And the elements on your page are just fantastic!


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