Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Go Green for Kayla

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I wanted to pop in quick and share a little something with you.  A friend of mine, named Joanne,  is involved with the 'Go Green for Kayla' campaign that is happening now.  Some of you may have even heard of it.  Kayla is a young vibrant girl in our community who has touched the hearts of many during her fight for a double lung transplant. "Go Green for Kayla" is an initiative that has been started to show support for Kayla and raise money for the Sick Kids Foundation.

Kayla is currently on life support waiting for 2 new lungs. In support of her,  there are a few initiatives that have been started.  As Joanne is a fellow ScrapMuch? customer and cropper, ScrapMuch? is asking everyone participating in this coming Saturday's crop to 'wear their green' in honour of Kayla.  ScrapMuch? will be making a donation of $1.00 for everyone that attends the crop wearing green. 

Also, there are a few other ways to help ..... on May 11 there is a run that is being held at the Bob McMullen Trail in Cambridge. This was Kayla's dream to run in as she and her family organized it in an effort to raise $10,000 for the Sick Kids Foundation. Unfortunately it looks like Kayla will not be able to participate so Joanne is asking that we do it for her. Both donations and participation's are being sought out for this event, it is a 5km walk/run. You can find more information here.
On top of this there is also a huge push to encourage people to become a registered organ/tissue donor, you can find more information or register here.  I can say from experience that this brings some solace when dealing with a loss.

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