Saturday, April 27, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane.....

Hi there!

Just popping in quick to let you know that I am heading off on a vacation with my hubby and our youngest boy.  We have been prepping for weeks for our first ever cruise!

Can I tell you I am more than a little terrified!  I am not a good flyer, and have a fear of boats - more so the part about being out in a large body of water with no sign of shore.  And who really knows what is in that water?  And will I look like an idiot with my life jacket on the whole time?  What will that do for tan lines?  Uh oh, my crazy is showing!  Bottom line is I am trying really, really hard not to let my hang ups keep us from experiencing the world.  And a cruise is a great way to see parts of it we would not otherwise get to visit.

I am hoping, once we get on this baby I will feel a little safer.......

Eeeep, it's so big it makes my heart skip a beat.  How can it possibly float?

Anyway.... don't forget to pop in while I am away ..... there will still be a tonne going on here, maybe even a prize up for grabs.  Who knows?  I'm not talking and you didn't hear that from me!

Have a lovely week!

Excited, terrified, excited, terrified, excited, terrified!

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