Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wood Dipping Tutorial - ScrapMuch?

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Happy Wednesday!  I have a fun little tutorial for you today.  Have you seen the trend on wood dipped home decor items?  Like these.......

... it is a really cool look.  And I thought, hey why not incorporate that into scrapping.

 Now of course you can pull out your craft paints for a more opaque finish, though today I decided to give my elements a stained look, so I grabbed some Mr. Huey's a few embellies, tweezers and a disposable shot glass.
 Add the Mr' Huey's to the shot glass, about a half inch should do for most embellies.  You can pour the leftovers right back into the bottle so there is no waste.
 Using the tweezers dip each element into the stain.  You can dip as much or as little as you like.

 I dipped the flower yo about the half way mark and the car to about two-thirds. The button got the full on treatment!

I can't wait to use these on a project!

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