Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pie Chart Die Cuts Tutorial - Boys Rule

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I have a new tutorial up on the Boys Rule blog today!  I decided to work with pie charts as we are still seeing pie charts trending in the scrappy world and I thought it was high time I figured out an easier way to achieve the look that didn't frustrate me to all get out.  This method is easy and fool proof.

You want to start out with several squares of papers, double sided is great as you will need about 8 pieces in total and each square will give you 2 pieces so 2 patterns.

The size of the die cut you want to have adorn your project with determine the size of the squares you need to cut.  I started with 3 inch squares but then decided on a smaller die cut so I cut my squared down to 1.5 inches.
 Cut each square in half so that you have 2 triangles.
 Now layout out your triangles like this, and create a pleasing colour pattern.
 Now you can do this next step one of two ways.  If you are like me and are using a shape you do not have a die for, adhere your triangles to your die cut.  If you will be using a die, go ahead and adhere the triangles to a scrap square of paper.
 Here is a view of the back of my die cut with the triangles adhered.
 I am cutting my pie chart out by hand using the die cut as a pattern.  If you have a die you could just run yours through your Cuttlebug.
 This is what it looks like from the front.
 And this is my little pie chart die cut used on a card!
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