Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Washi Buttons Tutorial - ScrapMuch?


It's Wednesday which is the day that I post a new tutorial on the ScrapMuch? blog, and today I have one that I think is especially fun!

First, gather up your supplies - all your favourite washi tapes ( I know you have a stash), a craft knife or scissors, a piercing tool, a sanding tool and assorted buttons.  This technique works nicely on wood, clear or neutral buttons.
If your button has a pattern or texture to it, you will want to use the backside, so you get a smooth finish and so any pattern doesn't show through the washi.  Tear off a piece of washi to cover the button.
 Trim around the button with your scissors or craft knife.
 You may want to burnish the tape covered button by rubbing it to make sure the tape is sitting firmly and smoothly.
Gently sand around the edges, I like to use an emery board.  This helps to give you a clean and smooth finish to the edges.
 Now pierce the holes.
 Ta da!
 Now, if your button is wider than your tape is, apply two strips of the tape trying to match up the pattern.
You can see I am working on the back, the smoother side, of this button as well.
Here is how it looks after being trimmed, sanded and pierced.  You can hardly tell it was pieced together.
And here is the final shot of 3 washi covered buttons, a wooden one, a beige one and a clear one.  Aren't they cute!  And so easy to customize any button to suit your projects!

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  1. These are lovely! What an awesome idea!

  2. These are really cute, Laura!! I need to give this a try!

  3. Pure genius! What a great way to transform an ordinary button, Laura! Thanks for sharing!

  4. yep, this idea! thanks for sharing!

  5. Great tip. Laura.. I honestly have never bought or tried Washi Tape.. But this was great.



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