Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chipboard Alpha Packaging Stencil | Tutorial

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If you are reading this as soon as it goes live I gotta say I hope I am sleeping in ;) - catching up from a sleep deprived week.

Today I am sharing a quick and simple tutorial over at the Boys Rule Kit Club blog, one that I sort of hinted at in my post for my "have CHIPS will travel" layout.

Other than the project that you want to add this technique to, you will need a leftover partially used, or completely used chipboard alpha sheet (never throw anything out, lol), a pencil, a ruler and a marker.

This is a super easy technique, just trace out the letters you would like to use in your title.  If you need a letter that you still have the actual sticker for, just pop it on out, backing sheet and all and then you will be able to use it down the road.  I just store them in the original packaging with the main sheet.

I do have a few more tips though, to help you get the look that you want.  I like to start at the last letter, so I can have my title end in the exact location I want it to be positioned - this takes out some of the spacing guess work and /or math! Tracing first in pencil allows you to make changes as needed.  After I get the first (which is really the last) letter where I want it, I use a ruler to draw in a light line to help make sure all my letters line up.

Then I finish tracing my letters in pencil, making any changes or corrections as needed. 

Next I retrace in marker.  I like Sharpies, they come in lots of colours, can be applied on multiple surfaces and don't mar when I erase around them.

The last step is to erase all my pencil lines. A white eraser works best.

Oh, and of course, you may want to add mini alphas to it, because we love multi font titles!  These minis are from the May / June kit.

Here is a reminder of what my completed layout looks like.

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  1. Great tip! Will be using this someday! Very cute layout too!


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