Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Embossing with Steel Dies Tutorial | ScrapMuch?

Hi there!

Happy Wednesday!  You know around here Wednesdays mean tutorials, right?  Today is no exception, I have been playing with my Cuttlebug and some steel dies, so I have a new tip for you!  Did you now that you can emboss with them?  Check it out:

Grab your manual die cutting machine and a steel die - the open ones work best.

Typically you would use the die like this in your machine, but not today!

Flip it over, so that the cutting side is facing down onto your cutting pad.

Now lay your paper on top of the die.  You can Washi tape it in place if you require your embossed area to be in a specific location on your paper.

Next you will add your polymer mat.  (You should be able to substitute 3-4 thicknesses of scrap cardstock if you do not have one of these, but you should consider ordering one.

And then your top plate.  For the Cuttlebug you will be using two "B" plates and one polymer mat.

And this is the end result, it gives a great, even impression creating a great place to put your focal area or stamped sentiment on a card. Or you can use nested dies and cut out a different coloured shape with the smaller die and layer them together.  Boy, do I love it when I can use my tools for multiple applications!

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  1. Awesome idea! I love the look! I'm a little confuzzled about the polymer mat that you used. I'm allergic to rubber, so I sure hope it's not one of those, but I have only ever seen rubber ones to use with a die cut machine. I hope you are able to set me straight so I can do super cool stuff with my Cuttlebug, too! Thanks!!!

    1. HI Ruth, I double checked and it does contain rubber. Why don't you try craft foam I think that may work. If you have some to try let me know if it works and I will edit my post. If you do not have any, I will search through my sons craft stuff to see if he has any, lol!


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