Saturday, March 26, 2016

Why I don't throw out leftover die cuts | Easter Tags

I have a super quick share today.  Since the flu took over my week, I am behind on all my crafting and online stuff.  I wanted to make a few Easter tags to attach to some treats that I am sending with Ian to my big boys and one of their girlfriends.  This is our first Easter apart due to illnesses and work schedules, boo!

Anyway, with little energy, some images that I had previously coloured (as in last year) and my bin of leftover die cuts I whipped up these cuties in just 10 minutes!

All of these die cuts were left over from a variety of projects, I just toss them into a basket and enjoy digging through them once in a while when I am in a pinch.

Sorry this photo is not so great but I wanted to share how the little tags are sort of colour coordinated on their little packages.

Timmy and my son's girlfriend's son (Dylan) are getting cards on their Easter baskets (or sand pails which is the case this year, as I typically do "baskets" that are useful) which I have already shared here so I didn't bother photographing them.

Have a happy Easter friends!

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