Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ribbon Storage | Tutorial

I have a bit more of a tip than a tutorial to share today.  I am revamping my craft room - very, very slowly. And so, I spent a bit of time reorganizing my ribbons.  I am switching back to a storage method I have used in past and then couldn't use it when I switched rooms.  I am now able to go back to this method and am excited about it.  It is so much better than all my ribbons being thrown into a large bin which is what I have been doing for the last year or so. I will spare you a photo of the tangle mess it was in.

I was reminded of this storage method when I recently re-found this pant hanger in my house.

It actually looked like this when I purchased it, years ago (but still available).  I removed the foam grips so that the ribbon spools would fit onto the bars.

I tidied up each spool (most were almost all the way unwound - I am hanging my head in shame - and knotted with other ribbons) and stuck a straight pin into them to keep them tidy and from unwinding on the hanger.

I quickly filled up most of the hanger.

Loose ribbon that was more than a couple of feet long, was wrapped around the bottom (stationary) bar of the hanger.  It worked out perfectly.

Anything shorter than a couple of feet long was put into this basket for quick access.  I am hoping to remember to check here first, when I need ribbon, to use up my scraps.

Now I just need to clean out the closet in my scraproom to make space for this! :)

Have a great day!

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